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Keep Charging While Off-Grid

The Rockpals 100W panel is its foldable design. Four panels easily unfold by pressing the buckles. It’s very simple to operate and can be easily stored while camping or traveling.

Saved The Day For Me

This power station can reliably charge most of your devices in the event of an emergency or for recreation, and in this case it made the rest of my vacation loads of fun and even let us look up nearby stuff to do.

Power your Darkness

Without power, maintaining lights, keeping warm, bathing, cooking, and maintaining a smartphone charge, required a good deal of ingenuity. I wish I would have had a Portable Generator from Rockpals to power through the emergency

master of power stations

RockPals 300W Power Station has enough ports to power almost anything you’d need, and enough capacity to keep your devices going over a long weekend, or provide light through an extended power outage.

Survive camping trip power outages 

We never fully appreciate electricity until we no longer have it -- like when we go camping or there's an unexpected power outage. Thankfully, there are lots of portable power supplies that can keep our gear running.