5 Tips for Buying Portable Power Station

Getting an efficient portable power station is usually tricky especially since there are thousands of portable power stations which are produced by different companies, and you will have to be extremely careful to get the right charging device for yourself. This article brings you some of the top tips while picking a high-quality portable power station.

Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station


  1. Durability

While going off the grid, we all need to get a power source that can last for a long duration until the very end of our trip. If you are camping or enjoying a trip in your RV. You will need a power station that can charge all of your electronic types of equipment. From refrigerator, TV to LED lights. It sucks when they run out of power when you're out of nowhere. A power source with decent durability that can withstand heavy rains, sunlight, and snow is always a great option.


buying portable power station tips
Decent Durability for Camping or Trip


  1. Light Weight

Due to the word "Portable." Size and the weight of the power station is a crucial factor when finding the best power station. Choose a power station that is small and light enough to carry through your journey. Bulky gadgets would be tedious to maneuver around. A smaller size is also preferred to make it easier to pack and be able to carry around.


buying portable power station tips
Light Weight to Carry around


  1. The Power Type Used

While picking the best portable power station. You need to understand which power type that is used to charge the device would be more efficient. There are a variety of options available, either the wall AC outlet, solar or even car plugs.


Wall AC outlet, Solar or even Car Plugs


  1. Battery Life-Cycles

After spending hundreds of dollars on a product, you will expect it to run for a long time. A typical lithium-ion battery would last for about  300-500 cycles or about 2 to 3 years. It's necessary to check before making the purchase.

Run for a Long Time


  1. Features of the Power Source

A perfect power source should be able to provide power to a variety of gadgets. The portable power station should have several ports to ensure that each of your devices could charge at the same time. In that case, the charging speed is a critical spec that you'll need to pay attention to.


Best Combination of Solar Panel & Power Station for You


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