How to Charge Your RV Battery with Solar Panel

If you are a camper or love long road trips then you know what you need the most on the road. A road trip and camping are incomplete without a battery. The battery is used to provide a power source to lighten up the bulbs, to charge your cell phone devices and to operate different objects as well. The battery comes really handy in the time of need. But first, it is important to know about RV battery.

What Is an RV Battery?

Rv batteries are basic devices to store electric power. Batteries can generate their own power but they have the ability to store the electric power in it so that it can be used later. Once the electric power from the batteries depletes they need to get recharged otherwise they don't be of any use. These batteries are used in cars, to work your generator, UPS, and many kitchen appliances such as microwave, toaster and coffee maker, hairdryers and even air-conditioner and other small electrical devices that make the RV battery an essential device.

Rv batteries are essential when you are going out for trips or camping. These batteries are designed in a way that they run longer than the normal house batteries. So it is of immense importance to keep them charged at all times.

Now the question arises of How to charge your Rv battery?

Well, there are different ways you can charge your Rv battery.

There are four different ways to charge up your RV battery

1. You can charge your battery even on the go with the alternator.

2. You can charge your Rv battery with the help of a generator, plug the battery with the ports provided in the generator, and charge it.

3. Another way to charge your RV battery is to connect it to the shore power, it will trickle and covert the energy and will get it charged.

4. The easiest, Cost-effective yet eco-friendly method is to charge RV battery with solar panels.

How long it takes to charge an RV battery?

Batteries store energy in them. To maintain their energy or get them to work you need electric current. Any battery depletes its energy faster then it gets charged up. But too much of charging can cause harm to the battery, so it is really important to charge it with the right amount of current. A battery takes about 7-8 hours to charge itself completely

How solar power is used to charge an RV battery?

Using solar panels to charge the RV battery is the easiest and eco-friendly way. Capture sun energy with the help of solar panels and solar controllers. Put your RV solar panel over your RV battery, the solar panel will convert the solar energy and then attach the hooks with the solar panel and let it charge till the sun is out.

Solar energy can give almost 5 amps of electric charge, to get the best effect it is important to face the solar panel directly to the sun. it will provide more energy to be consumed up by the panel.

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