Combine Solar Panel with Power Station


In nowadays, outdoor activities will lose a bit of fun without electric supply. The portable power station and solar panels are essential helpers if you’re looking to spend an extended period hanging out of nowhere with your friends and enjoy cold beers.  Use solar panels to store electricity during the day, and then charge up your portable power station for outdoor activities and various situations. With this perfect combination, having all kinds of barbecues and watch movies all night in the countryside becomes possible.

combine solar panel with power station

Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station for Emergency

This is the Rockpals power station, and it is a mobile power station and solar generator. It is small, lightweight but packs a big punch. Providing power to your campsite and offer some significant advantages in an emergency. It has a lot of watt systems for different needs. You can power all kinds of stuff with it from small refrigerators to charge up mobile devices and batteries, even TV's. The Rockpals power station comes with many accessories in the box. Besides the wall outlet charger and a DC outlet, there is also a setup for charging up through solar. That's right. A solar panel can be plugged into it by using an MC4 cable.

Rockpals 100W Solar Panel

This is how you charge your Rockpals when you're off the grid. This is Rockpals solar panels, flexible and foldable. There are bundles in a few different wattages. 50Watt Rockpals solar panels can be used for the 100Watt power station, 60Watt solar panels for the 250Watt power station and 100Watt solar panels for the 300Watt power station. The efficiency of the solar panel electricity conversion is around 60%.

Rockpals Portable Power Station

What’s amazing about the Rockpals solar panel is how tiny and versatile it is. You can roll it up into a small package and throw it into a backpack. Take it with you for your car ride, your camping and charge up your power station. It's also ridiculously easy to set up. Rockpals has made every part of the combination super simple. Use the MC4 cable that comes with the power station and connect to the panel. It shows charging on the LED display if it's successfully connected.  With a solar panel and a power station, you will experience double happiness with your family or friends during outdoor and you'll never regret having them by your side.

How to Connect Solar panel to Power Station with MC4 Line

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