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Mythology: Hou Yi Shot down the Suns

According to Chinese Mythologies, in the eastern sea, there was a huge, magic tree named Fu Sang. On it lived the ten suns. Every day one of them flew up to the sky, illuminating the earth. But one day the ten suns were involved in an argument about who was the best. To show their individual power, they all flew up to the sky at the same time and thus cause the earth to scorch.


Ten Suns on the Sky at the Same Time


Hou Yi, the grand archer was being sent to hunt them down. He called out to the suns ordering them to stop their foolishness and threatened to shoot them down, but the suns laughed at him as they thought that Hou Yi could do nothing to them -- they underestimated the might of the grand archer and caused them to fall. Hou Yi kept shooting until there was the only sun left in the sky. Hou Yi warned the last sun to be obedient or dutiful. From then on, the last sun flew across the sky in solitude every day, bringing light and warmth to the Earth for all eternity.


Hou Yi Shot down 4 and Continue to Shoot the left 6


During this decade, the sun is even more helpful to our life. Besides light and warmth, we seek power from the sun. Solar energy keeps serving us in its various forms – solar heat, solar photovoltaics, solar thermal electricity, solar fuels – can make considerable contributions to solving some of the most urgent problems the world now faces: climate change, energy security, and universal access to modern energy services.


With Solar Energy, Our Life Is Rich and Colorful


Solar energy offers a clean energy resource to humanity, relatively well-spread over the globe. Its availability is higher in warm and sunny countries – those countries that will experience most of the world’s population and economic growth over the next decades. The costs of solar energy have been falling rapidly and are entering new areas of competitiveness.

Utilize Solar Energy to Save Your Money


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Time to Go Green

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