Outdoor Camping Lantern Buying Guide in 2020

When it comes to buying a camping lantern, things can get a bit messy. There are endless options available in the market so the major question is which one should you go with to cater to all your needs. Well, if you are new to camping and have no prior experience in buying camping lanterns then here are the features that you should consider before buying one. Considering these features will help you choose between the best options available and find the lantern that would be best suited for you.

1. What you need it for? 

    The very first thing that you need to consider is your intention. The main question here is why you need the lantern and for what purpose you wish to use it? Whether you need it to overcome temporary power cuts or you really intend to use it for camping. If you are looking to get one for your camping trips then you need one that offers maximum brightness, can be changed easily and is easy to carry. 

    2. Portable and hand-free

      Most camping lanterns designed today are hand-free. But you need to consider your personal preference. Do you need something that would sit on any surface that you put it on or do you need something that you can carry out? For camping trips, a hand-free lantern is the best option paired with a headlight.

      3. Brightness

        Lanterns come in an extensive range of brightness. You can go with as low as 10 lumens or as high as 250 lumens based on your requirements. It is good to get a lantern that allows you to adjust the brightness between the highest and the lowest so that you can work it in all situations.

        4. Rechargeable ability

          The rechargeable ability of the lantern is another important feature which you need to consider before buying it. It is best to go with lanterns that come with rechargeable batteries instead of disposable ones. You can easily charge it every time it goes down on power with a simple USB or Ac power cable.

          5. Budget

            The budget is one of the main features to consider. There are endless options available in the market so you could easily find the one that would suit your needs and meet your budget range as well. You shouldn’t go above your budget range just because the first product that you see appeals to you. Instead, figure out whether it offers the best value of money or not.

            Final Words

            A camping lantern is highly essential for any camping trip. You won’t find electric circuits up in the hills thus you need camping lanterns for visibility. Your led work light or the emergency led lights that you have at home would do the trick as well but you need something that would provide maximum light and use the minimal battery. So consider these factors before you make a decision. 

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