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Portable Power Station-What is it and How does it work

In 2019, Rockpals portable power supply is something we must recommend for outdoor camping. They provide a stable and whopping power source through AC, DC, car cigarette and USB ports, they are lightweight and the built-in handles for easy transportation. Since its excellent performance in the market, consumers are showing unparalleled interests on it. Over 150% growth rate of global power factories and the tendency is unstoppable. Rockpals believes that solar panels and portable power stations are the future of the power industry.

 Variety of Connectors


  • What is a portable power station?

Portable power stations are also known as a portable generator. It is a multifunctional power bank with huge-capacity and AC port, which can juice up your electrical equipment anywhere, anytime. It even comes in beneficial during emergencies acting as an electric generator to run your LED and refrigerator in case a blackout happens.



  • Why do I need a portable power station?

The electricity generates from a portable power station is reliable and renewable. While using a portable power station, You are protecting the environment to the uttermost comparing with regular power supplies such as coal. Life in the wild is way more convenient with a portable power station. A portable power station keeps you in touch with the modern world by charging all your device and also keeps you warm by providing power to run a radiator in your tent.



  • What makes Rockpals 300 be the best choice?

Lightweight & Portable
With it's 190*150*140 extreme portable size and 6.6 pounds weight, you can even carry it in a handbag. You can easily pick it up thanks to its built-in handle.

Whopping 288wh
Features a powerful 288Wh battery, the power station to fully charge your phones or tablets multiple times.

Solar panel friendly
Equipped with a DC 12-24V connector, 3.6ah input. Rockpals 300 can convert and store clean solar energy. It's time to go green.

Battery indicator
A large LED screen displays output method and shows the remaining energies. Besides, it features LED lights that can act as a lamp or an SOS flash.


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I have a the Rockport 300w power station. Can I leave it plugged in after the batteries reach full charge? What is the best way to store the power station between uses? Thank you, Brian

May 15, 2019

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