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Rockpals was founded on the belief that dedicated client support and customer service, combined with the highest quality products and services at competitive costs, would result in mutual success for both Rockpals and our consumers. The goal of Rockpals is establishing an integrated portable electronic equipment platform where people could purchase high-quality mobile power stations, portable inverter generators, solar panel and varying outdoor power tools. To empower your passion and better your life.


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Rockpals portable power station is simply the best solution for you if you’re looking to spend a long period of away from household AC outlets or you want to have some backup power ready to go in case of an electric outage and emergencies. Portable power stations are large batteries in boxes with standard AC outlets attached, and their size is much bigger, heavier, more powerful, and generally more rugged than a USB power bank or portable chargers. That gives them more versatility for outdoor activities like powering your refrigerator and any other electronics on your RV, provide power to your campsite or screening a movie in your backyard. In an emergency, they offer some significant advantages. Power stations are silent and emission-free, which means you can use them safely inside a house during a blackout. And since there’s no motor, there’s no need to keep gas handy or perform the oil changes or other minor maintenance a combustion engine requires.


Rockpals Portable Power Station for emergencies


Rockpals solar panel is a device that converts sunlight into electricity — providing a steady charge to your mobile devices and prevent your batteries from repetitive deep discharges. They don't contain moving parts, which means you will not be troubled by noises. Consumes no fuel, so no filters to change. Merely keep the surface of the panels clean. They're lightweight, and there's no physical exertion required.


Solar Panel for RV


Unlike massive generators, portable inverter generators are generally small enough for one person to carry, covered with an insulated housing to keep them as quiet as possible. Inverter generators produce steady electricity, which sensitive consumer electronics need to operate safely. If you’re camping in a trailer or RV, going hunting or fishing, working remotely with electronics or power tools, Rockpals portable inverter generator is the ideal.


Rockpals Portable Inverter Generators

In the future, more products will join our platform. We are devoted to providing professional purchasing advice and the most favorable price for portable lovers and forging a community where all outdoor fans can get the best purchasing experience and expert opinion.

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