Series VS. Parallel Solar Panels

With the advancement in technology – multiple ways are incorporated that offer quick and energy-efficient electricity solutions. Just as the solar panels offer more compact and reliable solutions to lighten up the houses and offices. There are multiple solar panel options available in the market including parallel solar panel and solar panel with series wiring. Which one is an appropriate option for commercial or residential usage that is a concerning thing?

There are multiple things that make the decision easy while choosing solar panels. It will address the wiring option, capacity, durability, current storage, and others. Most importantly the wiring includes parallel solar panel installation matters a lot in the efficiency, charging and storage capacity of the current.
Series or parallel solar panels: what is the difference?


Rockpals 80W Parallel Solar Panel

The solar panel offered the most suitable and effective energy production and utilization. It is a natural way to produce electricity, in which panels use the direct sunlight to produce electricity that is stored in a solar panel charger for further usage. Every solar system is designed with particular energy production or storage capacity that is measured in watts. To adjust the right amount of electricity division it is necessary to make sure of the right alignment or wiring. Only the panel installer will help with the right use of the wiring – whether series or parallel adjustment or joining both together.

Here is the major difference between parallel solar panel or solar panel in series:

· Parallel Solar Panel

While making the parallel solar panel wiring – each other panel is directly attached to the main server. It means that the current is equally divided into each of the panels and from each of them to the centralized unit system. It requires more wires to be attached to the central unit. But on another hand, it can save you from uncertainty. Like if any of the panels are not working – that did not disturb the current distribution and also did not affect the supply of the current directly from the solar system. Our Rockpals parallel 80W solar panel is an appropriate choice – and you can make a parallel solar panel by combining two 80W-80W solar panels with the parallel setting.


Rockpals 160W (80W*2) Solar Panels

· Series Solar Panel

In the series solar panel system – one wire is connected to each panel and last it is attached to the central unit. This voltage remains the same between each of the solar panels and keeps the current same. But in case the problem in one panel will disturb the whole system – or almost cut the supply connected with the direct system of the other attached panel.


Parallel or Series Solar Panel – Which Is the Best?

It is a tricky question and difficult to choose – whether to go with the series or parallel solar panel. But it can be easy to decide by getting the services of a professional solar panel installer. According to the experts it is mentioned that the decision between parallel or series is depending on the solar system, inverter, and its specification. But in most cases parallel solar panel installation is preferable and considered more suitable for residential usage. In most commercial installations usually the parallel or series –both combinations used in the wiring.

Furthermore, the parallel solar panel is suitable and supported for the 5V USB devices – you can pair them with the Rockpals 330W/500W power stations. Because the solar panels directly use the sunlight to produce electricity and store it in the power station for later use. so, a power station with good capacity can save you from the power outage in any emergency situation like we are facing in the “corona epidemic situation”.

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