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The Better Power Station You Can Buy

Efficient portable power is an essential requirement of our daily life these days; we all need an affordable power station to keep our electronic devices operate while outdoors and provide emergency power during unpredictable electric outage situations.


The Power to Serve


In 2019, the market of the portable power station is enormous, and there are dozens of options to choose from, making it adequately tricky to decide which portable charging station is best for you. Here comes Rockpals, one of best mobile power station brand to keep your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other gadgets functioning while living off the grid.

Rockpals 300Watt Portable Power Station


Although Rockpals power stations cost a little bit more than the others, It's meant to be quality ensured. We could produce a cheap model at the most cost-effective way in the very beginning but we chose not to. The power station is a delicate product and we aim to provide our customers with a longer period usage and a better-using experience. It's definitely worth your investment because you can avoid getting yourself regret on buying cheap but low-quality power stations which brakes down after several times of use. Let's have a look at some of Rockpals main features.

Rockpals 250Watt Portable Power Station


Lightweight but high capacity is one of the coolest feature of Rockpals. For example, the 280WH lithium battery pack weights 7.3lb, which is powerful enough to recharge an iPhone nearly 25 times and provide power to all of your electronics such as laptops, TV, and refrigerator. The lithium battery ensures your mobile devices stay safe while recharging. Moreover, with its lightweight, It's convenient to bring as a camping asset or put on your RV.

Paxcess 280Watt Portable Power Station


There is a tremendous improvement against the gas generators. Gas generators are excessive noise source and will drive your neighbors insane. If you’re running the generator at night, you run the risk of arguing and fighting with your neighbors. Fortunately for those around you, the Rockpals 300Watt is one of the quietest options available. Apart from the slight noise coming from the cooling fan while working, the power station is nearly unbearable.


Noise Unbearable


The power station is supposed to store power and charge your mobile devices while you're enjoying the trip in nowhere, but what if the power station itself ran out of juice? There won't be a wall outlet in the wild. In this situation, you have nothing to worry about because recharging Rockpals power station while off the grid is easy with a compatible 60W/100W solar panel. With these two assets equipped you will never shut-down.

Rockpals 250Watt Portable Power Station & 60W Solar Panel


A power outage is a critical emergency for your family members who rely on medical equipment. If electric goes off the situation could be very dangerous. Don't let unpredictable catch you by surprise and be prepared for the unexpected with Rockpals power station which we know you can depend on. Check out Rockpals power station and compatible solar panels on!

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