Tips for Buying Solar Panels

Renewable energy is the new fashion in this era, and solar panels are something on the must-have list if you aim to improve your living experience. Solar panel prices on the market have dropped considerably and become affordable for most families nowadays, but you can get solar panels at a lower price. This article post is about Tips for getting solar panels at a little cost.

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Tip One: Buy off-season panels

Not many people are aware of this, but solar energy equipment sales climb up during the summer months and drop during the winter months. People generally don't think about solar energy in the winter, and that is precisely why suppliers offer huge discounts deal on solar panels. This pattern is also supporting solar equipment like inverters and batteries. So if you're thinking about buying panels, it's worthwhile to wait until winter. That is the season you will able to get the most value on your investment.


Off Season


Tip Two: Keep calm and buy second-hand

Many commercial solar farms upgrade their panels after every five years. This is because it's worth their investment to go for more advanced models with higher efficiency rather than persisting their existing panels. Panel efficiency drops around 1% per year, so not much to worry about. If you go to websites like eBay, you can find plenty of options for second-hand panels that are almost as good as new but available at half the price. Therefore it's an excellent decision to get a second handed solar panel.

Second Hand


Tip Three: DIY your panel

Purchasing solar panels instead of buying the panel is at a much lower price. Solar panels are almost one-third of the cost compared with solar panels. But in this case, you need DIY experience. Take this option if you're good at solving problems and make things happen with your own hands. It does save you plenty of money. Purchase solar cells on Alibaba, eBay or Amazon and learn how to build a solar panel from tutorial videos on the internet.

DIY Experience


Tip Four: Collaborate with your neighbor

Sometimes people have a well-oriented south-facing roof but do not have the money to invest while you may have the cash but do not have space. By collaborating, you both can have profited from renewable energy not only financially but also in helping to achieve sustainability.

Collaborate with Your Neighbor


These are the tips for you to get solar energy at a low cost if you want more information about solar equipment, visit

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