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Using Multiple Solar Panels to Charge Rockpals Power Station

One of the most popular ways to use a Rockpals Power Station is, of course, in the great outdoors. From charging cell phones to powering a CPAP machine all night, Rockpals Power Stations will bring power to any environment, every time.


Rockpals 520WH portable power station

Rockpals 500W/520WH Portable Power Station

Rockpals Power Stations can charge via AC, DC, or Solar energy. While a wall outlet may be the quickest way to charge your power station, they simply don’t exist out in nature. This leaves two other ways to charge, the DC energy of your vehicle, or a portable solar panel. Rockpals Portable Solar panels are a very practical way to charge your Rockpals Power station, anywhere you have sunlight. They are small, durable, and you can leave them outside all day to charge your unit… even while you use it!


Rockpals 250W Power Station + 60W Solar Panel Kits

Rockpals 250W Power Station + 60W Solar Panel Kits

Solar panels have pros and cons to them. On the one hand, you can set it out in the sun and not have to worry about it all day, but it will take longer. Most solar panels can only run at 50-70% efficiency in a real-world environment, and there can be other factors that keep you from getting the quickest charge as well. Of course, you can always get more panels! Although this has it’s limitations as well, because lithium batteries have a maximum wattage they can charge at, which is based on the size of the battery.


Rockpals Solar Panels


This means that every power station has a maximum charging rate, so while more solar is better, at a certain point it won’t help you charge your Rockpals Portable Power station faster. When using the AC and DC plug adapters, the Rockpals unit will auto-regulate the incoming wattage, but with a solar panel you can connect too much and risk damaging your unit. It is very important to consult the user manual of your Portable Power Station when you get it, and see what the recommended maximum solar panel wattage is.

For example, the Rockpals 500w Portable Power Station has a maximum input charge of 90w. This means that trying to charge it faster will only produce more heat, not charge it quicker, and the maximum recommended panel size for this unit is 100w-200w. Putting a 500w Panel on this power station could damage it. As a general rule, the bigger the power station is, the more power it can accept to charge with.

To help you out a little bit, here is a list of the current Rockpals Power Stations and their
maximum charging capacities:
The 250w power station is 15V/4A. 60 Watts
The 300w power station is 16V/4.8A. 76 Watts
The 330w power station is 15V/4A. 60 Watts
The 500w/540wh power station is 24v/3.75A. 90 Watts
The 500w/520wh power station is 19V/4.8A. 92 Watts
In addition, all the Rockpals power stations can accept a voltage range of 12V-24V.

In conclusion, charging your Portable Power Station with solar panels is an easy and efficient way to recharge your station when off the grid! Each power station will have a maximum input power, however, so make sure you consult the user manual of your unit before you try to throw a huge panel on there because it could cause damage to the input circuit!

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