What are the best solar kits for emergency power outages?

Imagine living in a place where you have to face many power outages or blackouts can be really hectic, to deal with this situation having a powerful backup supply is essential. Even if you are out with your friends and family for camping, road trips or fishing, a powerful portable system comes really handy.

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If you are living in a hot area then you should have a solar kit that can be used in emergency situations. Petrol generators have many benefits but there are so many disadvantages like noise, excessive fuel consumption as well, but in the case of solar generators, you can count on many advantages with minimal risks. Solar generators are really effective in catastrophically emergency situations like hurricanes, floods earthquakes, and blackouts while petrol generations will run out of fuel and it will be of no use. Rockpal is a name of best quality

The following are the best Rockpals solar kits that you can use for emergency situations.

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Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station

Well, this Rockpals 300w portable power station is indeed talk of the town. Its sleek design, efficiency, specifications, and working capability has made it one of the famous solar kits. Along with rockpals100W solar panel, it becomes a whole utility package that will get you through in the time of outage so this solar kit is a must for a home. This portable device is best for camping and outdoor use as well. WHY THIS KIT IS BEST FOR THE OUTAGES?

Following are some specifications of this Rockpals 300W that will answer this question

· Its 7.48 x 5.9 x 5.5 inches with the capacity of 280WH peak that gives you immense electric power that will help you to run your major appliances during the outage.

· Its maximum charge period is about 6,7 hours and along with the solar charge, you can also charge this kit by its support pass-through charging means. That will help you during the time of any emergency outage.

· This portable power station stores the solar converted energy in it with the help of solar panel and keeps and when it is connected to the device it that stored energy is consumed only then.

· It provides short circuit protection, temperature and voltage control

· It also gives overload and overcharges protection.

· It comes with the AC Charging Cable, Car charging cable, car cable, and a user manual.

· This solar kitt also comes with a backup battery that is not less than a gift for the people living in power shortage areas or suffers a massive power outage.

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Moreover, it could work for the ResMed series CPAP well during power outages. With Rockpals S10 DC converter (sold separately), turn off the heater and humidifier of the CPAP machine and turn it down to near 15W (Rated power of ResMed CPAP is 96W (take ResmedAirsense S9 as an example). You can also uses CPAP backup battery to regulate the pressure. Under the condition of no heat and atomization, the pressure of 4th gear is 13W, the pressure of 5th gear is 30W and the pressure of 6th gear is 45W; the default is 4th gear. At this time change the output to the cigarette lighter, which can be used for 280WH*0.96 / 13W = 20.7 hours (15 - 20 hours without heating and atomization). Our S10 DC Converter works for ResmedAirsense S10 to last the working time.). Moreover, other CPAP could be only charged by the AC, like Phillip CPAP.

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