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What Is A Inverter Generator?

People might be confused about what exactly is an inverter generator and what's the difference between a conventional generator and an inverter generator.

It's simple to tell the difference between the quality of power they produced. All generators need to burn fuel, usually gasoline or propane, to control a motor attached to an alternator that produces electricity. Traditional generators use a mechanical alternator to generate AC power, while inverter generators produce DC power and use a digital electronic alternator to invert it back to AC power.


Rockpals power equipment makes one of the best inverter generators, but why would I want one?


  • Portability

Inverter generators are surprisingly small and lightweight for the electrical generation punch that they pack. This means that they are a breeze to transport and store they will easily fit in your car boat or RV.


  •  Efficiency & Quieter

Traditional generators have to run at a constant 3600 RPMs to generate electricity, while inverters can run at variable speeds depending on specific electrical demand. This allows the inverters to run at slower speeds, often making them significantly quieter and more fuel efficient.


  • Fuel Efficiency

The inverter generator can run for many hours at low costs. This generator comes with the capability to adjust the power production according to the power requirements of the appliances that need to be used which means that if the power requirement is low, the machine automatically decreases its speed and it this way lowers the fuel consumption.


Although with all these advantages inverter generators have. There is still a drawback. The portability, convenience fuel-efficiency, much lower noise levels do come at a price. An inverter generator costs are slightly more than a conventional one with a similar power rating. You'll have to look at your application and your budget.


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