What’s the Best Father’s Day Gift You Can Explore?

Are you still worried about a special gift to give to your father this father’s day? Some might take their father’s to dinner or a long drive, but these are some temporary gifts. What can be better and used for a longer time? How about some machine that your father can use for more than 10 years and remember you every time he uses it? If your father loves traveling, hiking, going on a picnic, Rockpals presents to you the best Father’s Day gift. A special package of Rockpals that contains a power station and solar panels! Yes, you heard it right. Rockpals presents to you a special package in which you get a Portable Power Station & Solar Panel Kits.

Rockpals 300W Power Station & 100W Solar Panel Kits:

As always, Rockpals thinks about their customers more than anything. So to help them this Father’s Day, they have given their customers a bundle of most useful machines ever made. The 300W Portable Power station and 100W Solar Panel kits that go hand in hand in every picnic and hiking event.


Rockpals portable power station for picnic


What makes them so special?

Well, Rockpals chooses the best for its customers, so these devices have been made to give the maximum advantage. Some of the features that make them special are:

On the Go power: With 280WH lithium battery, you have complete access to electric power anytime. With this electric power in hand, you can do almost everything you want like, Charge your smart devices, connect your LED camping Lanterns to Laptops. You can even charge drones and CPAPs. This will make every picnic event more comfortable for your father. The CPAP backup battery has a high tendency to store the electricity for a longer time and provide a constant. Also it weighs only 7.3lbs and comes with an easy-carry handle, which makes it the best portable power station.


Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station

Rockpals 300W Portable Power Station On the Go


Variety of Powering Options: The next thing that makes the Rockpals Power station best, is the number of ports they provide. These ports come with various options that can charge and power-on any type of device you connect to it. Basically, it has 3 USB ports, an AC outlet, and 5 DC output ports with a cigarette lighter. Everything in one place!

Now what about the Solar Panel Kit? Well, the power station can be charged with solar energy, for these solar panels will help you charge your power station anytime and anywhere! What makes it special?

Compatible with everyone: This solar panel kit is compatible with any of the solar generators you have. You can connect it to any generator you have and charge it anytime and at any place. This solar panel kit has 5V USB for devices like smartphones and tablets.

Efficiency and Water-resistant: This solar panel kit has a very high conversion efficiency of 21.5-23.5%. Also this special kit is made water-resistant, this helps you use them at any place, even near the water. So this kit can endure all kinds of weather conditions.


An Intelligent Chip: The only problem that arises using such devices is the adjustment of the electric current. So this Solar Panel Kit has an Intelligent Chip that is present in the unit and automatically adjusts the electric current.

So what are you waiting for? Give it to your father as the best Father’s Day gift ever!

Rockpals 300W power station + 100W Solar Panel Kits
Rockpals 300W Power Station + 100W Solar Panel Kits

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