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Why Should We Install Solar Panels to RV?

If you've been considering to improve your boondocking experience, installing some solar panels on your RV is one the best choice. Some people might ask: "Solar panels? Is it necessary to put on my RV?" Of course not. However, if you would like to extend your battery life, cut down on generator use, going green, or maybe save a little money, solar panels are the one you're looking. A power sources that are reliable, maintenance-free, and with no need for refueling.

Natural and Clean and Available Sunshine


  • Benefits of Solar

RV solar panels are devices that convert sunlight into electricity. Solar power will provide a steady charge to the RV. Prevent your batteries from repetitive deep discharges which will shorten the lifespan of the cell.

Solar panels are clean and quiet. They don't contain moving parts, which means you will not be troubled by mechanical noise. Consumes no fuel; thus it gives off no waste and no filters to change. Merely keep the surface of the panels clean.

Solar panels are simple to set up. They're lightweight, and there's no physical exertion required. On the other hand, generators are very heavy, and they can be difficult to maneuver around.

Rockpals 100Watt Solar Panel


  • Is there something WE should know about before installing solar panels?

Installing solar panels to RV seems tricky but straightforward. Determine your power requirements and understand the basis for system design is the priority. Solar cells are converting sunlight into electricity. Wires carry the power to a charge controller in the RV. Then the cables run from the charge controller to your coach batteries. You'll need 100 watts if you have plans for LED lighting, refrigerator, and a radio. Need around 100 watts if you add a television, more lights, and other electrical needs.


RV & Solar Panel


Before installing, you want to make sure how much space you have to install the panels. The best surface to mount them should be a flat surface. Determine where the charge controller would be attached is needed.

Working Principle


Solar has come way down in price in 2019. Now, just about everyone can afford to have solar. If we don't have to pay a campground fee, we will have "made" our money back and protected the environment at the same time.

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