Portable Solar Panels

Go Green Anywhere

Rockpals portable solar panels can be folded and strapped, never taken up more place. Up to 21.5%~23.5% high conversion efficiency and has different sizes of adapters to be compatible with the most solar generators in the industry. Paired well with Rockpals power stations to convert solar power into electricity and then prepare for all your power needed.

Solar Panel Charger Green Energy Solution

High Conversion Efficiency

Easy to Use

Rockpals Solar Panels Features

Free Power Source

Portable for Easy Transport

Charge Time for Power Stations


How Does Solar Work?

Solar energy works by capturing the energy from the sun and turning it into electricity for your power stations. Our sun is a natural nuclear reactor which releases tiny packets of energy called photons, traveling the 93 million miles from the sun to Earth in about 8.5 minutes. An open solar panel is generating quite a bit of energy and to harness that power and make it the most use. 

Solar System Overview