Brand Mission

Transform your outdoor life into your greatest adventure

We keep hearing people swearing that the world is getting smaller, too easy to travel, with nothing new to explore: they say everything has been discovered, already experienced. But here at ROCKPALS, we are still downright sure about one thing: true explorers accept no limits.

We know that every new day is a new opportunity to get out there and mark new paths in a world still offering infinite possibilities for adventure, to those who know where to search. Giving you the power you need to start your quest has been our mission, from your very first step. So that you can transform your outdoor life into your greatest adventure.

Brand Goals

Natural-born adventurers at full power

We are natural-born explorers, and we are not saying it from our couch. Getting out there requires energy and passion, and our primary goal is to make sure you have the right power source to enjoy your outdoor life to the fullest. This is the reason why we created the most exhaustive range of products to power up everyone’s outdoor activities.

As relentless fellow-adventurers, we ensure every customer can find the appropriate portable power solution they require. No matter how short or long the trip: from an easy lakeside picnic or a daring journey into the most impenetrable forests, our range of generators got you fully covered.

Brand Values


We value life as the most extraordinary adventure we could ever live, although sometimes it may look safer - and more fun! - spending it with a reliable companion at your side. Being ROCKPALS means being there when you need us the most, whenever and where ever you need rock-solid support, full power to rock your outdoor world.


We know the wintry feeling of suddenly finding ourselves in the dark at night, on a distant mountain; or stranded in a hospital room, depending on a respirator with a shacky power supply. This is why our products undergo the most accurate and extensive safety and durability check. Energy means life: we leverage our experience to make sure it stays this way.

Company Profile

Rock-solid pals

ROCKPALS is a worldly-wise supplier of portable power stations and rechargeable solar panels. Among our extensive range of power solutions, you’ll find everything you can desire to cover your energy requirements for your outdoor activities. We have been energizing our customers’ lives for ages, and we know how to deliver the most reliable and functional products on the market, created with a unique and compact design to match both your portability needs and the natural beauty of the outdoor world. And if all of this doesn't seem enough, we are proud to offer an incredibly responsive customer service team, extremely well trained in keeping the pace with every great adventurer: tirelessly proactive, a rock-solid power pal always ready to help, by your side when you need it most.

Brand Concept

The power to rock your outdoor world

ROCKPALS is not just a professional provider of portable power solutions. Before everything else, we are just like you: incurable adventurers, outdoor life lovers, old-time buddies meeting for a new excursion down memory lake, new friends set off for a thrilling trip, bound to be remembered as an epic journey. To ensure that each of our fellow explorers can count on a safe and infinite reserve of energy, we have designed a line of products cut out for any situation. Without energy, nothing starts, nothing continues: that‘s why we leverage all our passion and expertise to guarantee the engine of life remains always on, ready for your next, unforgettable outdoor adventure; ready to rock your outdoor world.

Brand Statement


as a professional outdoor brand providing portable power solutions, we help our fellow-explorers transform their outdoor life into their greatest adventure Because We are a brand providing reliable, safe and incredibly functional products Clients Buy From Us Because no competitor can beat our comprehensive range of products, designed to meet any budget and compatibility requirement, ensuring our customer can just relax and enjoy their favorite outdoor activities, completely trouble-free.

Reliable Expert for Outdoor Adventure

At Rockpals we are ready to offer what you need the most: endless power to relish your outdoor world.
We ensure every customer can find the appropriate portable power solution they require. No matter how short or long the trip, our range of generators got you fully covered.

Key Brand advantages:

1. ROCKPALS’s unbeatable quality-price ratio, resulting in infinite energy and unparalleled functionality without spending a fortune.
2. ROCKPALS’s unique and compact design, rationally engineered to accommodate maximum power in minimum space
3. ROCKPALS’s commitment to providing the widest (and growing) range of portable power solutions for everyone
4. ROCKPALS’s zippy delivery service, along with its ultra-responsive and thoughtful customer service team.

Using Our Brand Concept To Win

We firmly believe everyone should be able to access the power to rock its outdoor world, supported by trusted fellow-explorers with unquestionable experience in creating power supplies for every need. Impressive lightness, maximum functionality, total safety: over time they’ve all become synonyms of ROCKPALS, and our customers already know it by heart.

The Power to Explore

“We have been told incredible, legendary tales from past times when exploring the world was an inevitable destiny: it meant abandoning our home, our country, risking our lives and the lives of our beloved ones along unmapped paths, desolate plains and unforgiving deserts, comfortless mountains and forests; barely resting by some sheltered corner to warm up beside an improvised campfire, before resuming the search of a promised land, a welcoming glade to build a new life. We know how difficult it must have been for those ancestors of ours, but finally, their search and sacrifices were not in vain: today we have learned how to make each expedition an awe-inspiring experience; now we know that no trip is too long, no adventure too dangerous, no outdoor activity too exhausting when you can count an all the necessary energy, night and day, as a trusty pal tirelessly by your side. As grateful descendants of those first and legendary adventurers, at ROCKPALS we are ready to offer what you need the most: endless power to relish your outdoor world.

Who Are We

1. Rockpals

ROCKPALS is a passionate and experienced provider of portable power solutions, the first choice for customers seeking to transform their outdoor activities into unforgettable adventures.

2. What we do

ROCKPALS is committed to creating the widest range of products for the outdoor world: fully portable and rechargeable power stations and generators, compatible and lightweight solar panels, and anything else our customers need to enjoy their open-air life.

3. Why WORK with us

ROCKPALS is not just a consolidated team of skilled designers and reliable manufacturers of outdoor products: we were born and raised in the wild, became unstoppable explorers, supportive travel companions, faithful lovers of the world waiting outside the front door. Exactly like our customers.