Paxcess Trunk Organizer
Paxcess Trunk Organizer Paxcess Trunk Organizer Paxcess Trunk Organizer
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Trunk Organizer

Durable Waterproof Collapsible Cargo Storage for SUV/Auto/Truck/Car/Van
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Paxcess Trunk Organizer


Product Description

Product Dimensions: 24.8 x 17.7 x 12.6 inches
Item Package Quantity
: 1
Item Weight
: 7.3 pounds


Aluminum Alloy Handle

Premium aluminum handles which are sweat-absorbent, easy lifting and durable for use

Stay Organized When Traveling

No matter how hard you try, is your car trunk a disaster after a trip? This car travel organizers allow you to make better use of the limited space in your car, you can fit more into your bag and your belongings are better protected. They also help you to stay organized when travelling

Refleactive Safety Tape

Highly white reflective tape design for easy application to trucks, trailers and large vehicles to enhance visibility and detection distance

A Huge Saving of Storage Spac

Sturdy cargo space organizer secures any items you place in your vehicle’s trunk and cargo area. Avoid disorganization, clutter, and the messiness of items rolling around in your trunk or cargo space

Double Anti - Skid Design

Two optional fixed buckles and two anti-slip velcro bottom to prevent your cargo from moving during travels

Outdoor Picnic Organizer

Perfect for picnics, tailgating, grocery shopping, keeping emergency items handy, carting kids toys from home to the beach or park. You can simply wipe its waterproof fabric with a wet cloth

Life time quality warranty & 30 Days Money Back